Remote Jobs, Target Jobs Las Vegas @ jobworld ( Principal Product Manager )

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Remote Jobs, Target Jobs Las Vegas @ jobworld ( Principal Product Manager )

Hiring Organisation: Target

Post Name: Principal Product Manager

Qualification: Graduation

Work Hours: 8 Hours

Salary: $20-30/hour

Location: Las Vegas, USA

Remote Jobs, Target Jobs Las Vegas @ jobworld ( Principal Product Manager )


The chance to help every family discover the joy of everyday life is one of the benefits of working at Target. We make investments in the places where we all live, work, and play because caring for our communities is woven into who we are. We succeed as a single Target team, place relationships first, provide talent with fuel and development opportunities, and succeed. Our core values, beliefs, and methods of operation are all shaped by our purpose. It’s how we win, grow, and care for each other.

A Marketing organization that is clearly capable, creative, and innovative is fueling the continued success of one of the brands that is loved and recognized around the world. Target Marketing is well-known for enthralling and awe-inspiring guests, and we take great pride in introducing them to the services and goods they have come to expect from Target. We research our customers to learn about their new requirements and insights, and then we craft each interaction to cultivate brand awe. As market experts, we insist on a comprehensive comprehension of our business goals, guest segments and behaviors, strategies and tactics, overcoming obstacles, and success metrics. We provide a holistically satisfying experience that guests can only get at Target by leveraging our collective assets and cultivating a healthy, supportive, and open team culture.

  • Target Corporation’s Product Teams are responsible for delivering business outcomes that are made possible by technology and analytical products that are user-friendly, simple to maintain, and highly dependable. All product, technology, and design work is included in a single shared backlog maintained by product teams.
  • The twelve or more products that make up the Guest Data Platform provide a view of our guests from every angle, use AI models to make guest inferences, and control the privacy preferences of our guests. The principal product manager’s job is to oversee platform-wide strategies, capabilities, and outcomes at the portfolio level.
  • You will work in the product model as a Principal Product Manager, leading the creation of a comprehensive product strategy and establishing key business objectives (OKRs) for your product domain. To evaluate the product’s value, create business cases, prioritize its direction and desired outcomes, and use customer feedback, key data and analytics, and other pertinent data points, you will need to use extensive product knowledge.
  • You will serve as the “voice of the product” to all external stakeholders, promoting your product, satisfying their requirements, and ensuring that the product team receives the leadership and support it requires to succeed. To promote collaboration and alignment with key partners and stakeholders across pyramids, you will need to build strong relationships across the enterprise.
  • You will be responsible for making final decisions regarding the scope and priority of the product backlog, as well as developing and actively maintaining a product roadmap that outlines the priority for the delivered customer themes, technical requirements, and design challenges. Product objectives and key results, key metrics for your product, and related P&L impacts will all fall under your purview.

You will keep track of progress against product backlogs to make sure that work and priorities are in line with the product strategy. You will also set priorities for themes, epics, and stories to make sure that work focuses on the things that have the most value and are in line with the product strategy.

  • This job description outlines the essential duties of this position. Due to business requirements, job responsibilities may alter at any time.

Your bio:

  • 10+ years of product management experience with extensive knowledge of customer data and customer data platform (CDP) applications is required.
  • Desired experience in one or more functional areas: CRM, computerized, advanced promoting, dedication, personalization, promotion tech items, damage tech items, or client investigation.
  • Ability to plan and set a strategy, define Organizational Key Results (OKRs), communicate and drive business outcomes Expert in product area This position may be considered for a Remote or Hybrid work arrangement based on Target’s needs.
  • Strong communication skills with proven ability to influence peers, key stakeholders, and leaders Expert at working in an agile environment (e.g., user stories, iterative development, scrum teams, sprints, and personas)
  • The core role of the team members will be a combination of working remotely and in-person at a Target location under a hybrid work arrangement.
  • A member of the team works full-time from home or another location other than a Target location, does not have a desk at their primary HQ work location, and may travel to HQ up to four times per year under a remote work arrangement. Unless Target specifies otherwise, work duties cannot be performed outside of the country where the primary work location is located. T
  • he range of pay is: $141,600.00 USD – $254,900.00 USD.
  • Pay is determined by a number of factors, such as education, work experience, certifications, labor markets, and so on. Target cares about you as a team member and invests in you so that you can take care of yourself and your family in addition to your salary.
  • To assist you and your family in taking care of yourself as a whole, Target provides comprehensive health benefits and programs to eligible team members and their dependents.
  • These may include life insurance, dental, vision, and medical insurance, among other things. Different advantages for qualified colleagues incorporate 401(k), worker rebate, momentary incapacity, long haul inability, paid debilitated leave,
  • paid public occasions, and paid get-away. At, you can find competitive benefits that cover everything from financial and educational benefits to well-being and more.
Remote Jobs, Target Jobs Las Vegas
Why USA is better than others for a job:

 It’s difficult to definitively say that the United States is better than other countries for a job because there are a lot of factors to consider, such as the individual’s skills, experience, and personal preferences. However, there are some factors that may make the US an attractive option for those seeking employment:

  1. Large and diverse economy: The US has one of the largest and most diverse economies in the world, offering a wide range of job opportunities across various industries.
  2. High wages: On average, workers in the US earn higher wages compared to many other countries, particularly in industries such as finance, technology, and healthcare.
  3. Strong legal protections: The US has strong labor laws and legal protections for workers, including laws related to minimum wage, overtime pay, and discrimination in the workplace.
  4. Innovative and dynamic industries: The US is known for its innovative and dynamic industries, particularly in technology and entertainment, which can provide exciting job opportunities for those with the relevant skills and experience.
  5. English language proficiency: English is the primary language of business in the US, which can make it easier for English-speaking individuals to find work and communicate in the workplace.

It’s important to note that there are also downsides to working in the US, such as a lack of universal healthcare and limited paid time off compared to other countries. Ultimately, the best place for a job will depend on the individual’s priorities and preferences.

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How to apply:

  1. All the eligible candidates can apply for This Job as mentioned below
  2. Read official notification carefully From the Official Website.
  3. Read Notification Carefully Before Apply.
  4. Fill The Application Form (Link Is Given Below)
  5. Attach Required Document and Passport Size Photo with Signature.
  6. Then Submit. Done.
Remote Jobs, Target Jobs Las Vegas